About Me

I'm so excited you decided to drop by! I'm Marya (Mar-yuh), determined red-head, Duluth native, dreamer, + photographer. I've always been the girl with the camera. As a kid, I never left the house without my disposable & then later, digital camera; always eager to capture any moment that I wanted to remember forever. I'm what you call a good mixture of extrovert/introvert. I'm a people person that flourishes when kept busy, but also the introvert in me CRAVES those uninterrupted days being a homebody + sipping my coffee while catching up on my favorite reality shows.



My photography approach is deeply inspired by film photography. I strive to create art that reflects natural, modern, candid, & romantic heirlooms.

Lets take time to live in the moment and together we can create something beautiful to reflect on forever. I strive to create relaxed, timeless photos that will enhance the realness of any mile-marker in life. 

This is what I live for:

  • Iced Lattes
  • Local boutiques
  • Chips + Queso
  • Puppy snuggles with my girls; Pippa + Poppy
  • Beach volleyball
  • T Swift & Boy bands (serious Jonas Brothers fan over here)
  • Reality TV (Let's talk Bachelor!)
  • Girls weekends
  • The smell of fresh cut grass & BBQ on a summer night
  • Interior Design
  • Bakeries (donuts & cupcakes for life!)
  • Family game nights
  • Roadtrips & podcasts
  • Long walks down the aisles of Target
  • Exploring new places
  • Bonfires on the beach
  • Antique shops
  • Hate to be basic buuuuut, Fall! (Give me all the pumpkin spice)
  • Making new friends

Did we just become best friends?